If you like the content published at Healing Digestive Disorders, consider these books published by this blog’s author, Herbalist Andrew Gaeddert.

HDD3 CoverHealing Digestive Disorders Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis, hepatitis, heartburn—these are only a few of the gastrointestinal disorders that affect tens of millions of Americans. Despite their prevalence, these conditions have proven difficult to treat with standard medical approaches. In this updated guide, Andrew Gaeddert offers a wealth of natural remedies and lifestyle changes that have helped thousands to alleviate symptoms and heal their bodies, one step at a time. Drawing on his extensive clinical experience, Mr. Gaeddert covers such topics as herbs and vitamins, Chinese medicine, meditation, and environmental triggers that affect digestion, helping the reader make sense of the daunting array of natural healing techniques.

Case studies illustrate how the author’s clients were able to reduce or eliminate their digestive problems, enjoy greater energy, and reduce discomfort by learning how to identify food sensitivities, develop a tolerance for certain foods, prevent negative reactions to food, and use rotation diets and anti-candida strategies. This authoritative, accessible guide offers new hope for the one out of three Americans who will have a digestive disorder in their lifetime.


HID Cover PB_FINAL Front OnlyHealing Immune Disorders - Immune system disorders, from cancer and HIV to allergies and infections, are epidemic in contemporary society, and the numbers are rising. In Healing Immune Disorders, author Andrew Gaeddert offers hope for combating both simple and serious immune conditions using Chinese and Western herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle approaches. The author’s straightforward instructions help sufferers enhance quality of life beyond what conventional wisdom calls possible. The book focuses on natural approaches to improving immune function and treating autoimmune conditions: maximizing digestive health, reducing stress, self-nurturing through positive thoughts, and developing healthy habits. Integrating mainstream with non-Western approaches, combined with focused exercises, says Mr. Gaeddert, can trigger improved energy levels, more restful sleep, better digestion, freedom from pain, and more inner peace. While many immune conditions are not curable, they are treatable. Case studies drawn from the author’s practice testify to the success of the book’s strategies in a real-world setting.


HSD-2__HighHealing Skin Disorders- Mr. Gaeddert’s approach to healing combines dermatological diagnosis with essential fatty acids, diet, supplements, and Chinese herbal medicine. The book features suggestions for promoting overall skin health, case studies, self-care strategies, and professional treatments presented in an accessible A-to-Z format. Also included are a workbook, a question and answer section, a description of acupuncture points, and a range of resources. Chapters cover such topics as tips for health and skin, herbs and nutrients, symptoms and treatments, acupoints, and digestive clearing diets.

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