Rectal Itching and Burning

Rectal itching, also known as pruritis ani, has many different causes.  It can be a result of dermatological disorders such as psoriasis, allergic reactions to food or medications, fungal and bacterial infections or poor hygiene.  Some foods such as caffeine, nuts, chocolate and chili peppers are known to cause rectal itching.

In terms of Western treatment, Lidocaine applied topically can be very effective.  In TCM, as is almost always the case, the underlying cause needs to be accurately determined in order to effectively treat.  Poor hygiene and food allergies must be eliminated as the cause. Dermatological disorders are treated with their own specific herbal teas or tablets.  An anti-Candida diet can also be considered in conjunction with the following herbal formula:

  • Phellodendron cortex
  • Codonopsis root
  • White Atractylode rhizome
  • Anemarrhena root
  • Plantago seed
  • Pulsatilla root
  • Capillaris herb
  • Cnidium seed
  • Houttuynia herb
  • Dioscorea root
  • Licorice root
  • Cardamon fruit

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