Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleeding can be observed through dark, black, or red blood in the stools or by vomiting blood.  There are many causes of this condition, the most common include peptic ulcer, gastritis, esophageal bleeding, tears in the esophagus or upper stomach, tumors, hemorrhoids, and tumors polyps and diverticula in the colon.  Gastrointestinal bleeding is a serious condition that requires immediate diagnosis.  If the bleeding is excessive, emergency medical care is needed.

A TCM Approach 

I recommend using the following mixture to relieve bloody stools:

  • Sanguisorba root
  • Pulsatilla root
  • Sophora flower
  • White Peony root
  • Tang Kuei root
  • Rehmannia (raw) root
  • Fraxinus cortex
  • Phellodendron cortex
  • Lonicera flower

Combining the two following mixtures may help alleviate vomiting of blood:

Mixture 1:

  • Poria sclerotium
  • Coix seed
  • Barley Shen Qu
  • Magnolia bark
  • Angelica root
  • Pueraria root
  • Red Atractylodes rhizome
  • Seven other herbs

Mixture 2:

  • Oyster Shell
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Bupleurum root
  • Ginseng root
  • Ginger rhizome
  • Pinellia rhizome
  • Scute root
  • cinnamon twig
  • Rhubarb rhizome
  • Vladimiria Souliei root

If fever or other heat signs are present, combine the second mixture with the following formula:

  • Coptis rhizome
  • Lophatherum herb
  • Bupleurum root
  • Rehmannia (raw) root
  • Tang Kuei root
  • White Peony root
  • Eleven other herbs

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